Fall is Fetch

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Quit trying to make fall happen" is my saying lately. Mostly I just think it to myself but none the less it amuses me. :) Yesterday while my AC was blasting I was busy pretending it was fall by drinking my coffee and crafting some fall garland. I've been meaning to decorate B's teepee for the various seasons/holidays and finally sat down to do it. Let's be real, teepee garland is more for me than her but I'm hoping one day she looks back and thinks, "My mom was fun!".

complements of my cricut machine!

chalkboard from homegoods

loving her little ark
What have you been crafting for fall lately? I want to add more garland to the chalkboard but since Blair only napped and hour yesterday (Oy!) I only had time for the one. Fall, you will come! Whether you like it or not! Today I'm going to turn my AC down to 55, put my sweats on, and turn on the fire. Kidding. Maybe.


  1. Lol love the garland! It looks so cute on her teepee. Also, I wanted that chalkboard from Home Goods - but I have no where to put it, ugh!

  2. I love her teepee. You did such a good job! And that garland is adorable, I wish fall would come faster!

  3. i am absolutely dying over that teepee! where did you get it?

    1. my husband made it! husband of the year award, right?! we got the original plans from http://www.strawberryswingandthings.com/2013/07/sew-fun-diy-teepee-tutorial.html but she makes them now and sells them in her etsy shop. check it out!


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