Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ah, don't you just love a fresh new year? A time to reinvent yourself if need be? Or turn over a new leaf? This year when I told M what some of my new year's resolutions were he was like, "Seriously? Those don't even count. That's weak." I told him, "Well I did it that way on purpose so I wouldn't have to break any of them." ;) Ha. I refuse to say something like, "Don't eat sweets." because that will NEVER happen. With that said, maybe these are more like a bucket list. Either way I have some things I'd either like to do or work on so here goes nothing... 

1. take less iphone pictures and more "real" pictures

2. do something creative weekly
ALMOST done with my prego scrapbook. Ridiculous...
 and don't apologize or clean up the mess

4. apologize quickly (mostly to M) but not for my mess. Ha.

5. always wash my make-up off before bed
to avoid ruining our white sheets
6. read more (FB and instagram don't count) 
fun gift from M for Christmas

7. actually print photos and put into albums

8. be a better blogger
This means learning the tech side of blogging and photoshop. Sigh. I am dreading this.
8. Cherish every moment with B. She is growing too fast!

8.  keep Jesus a number one priority (in that case I guess this one should have been first...)

There you have it! On New Year's day we went cross country skiing (so fun!). Post about that great trip tomorrow. Today however not so fun as M heads back to work from his 11 days off. My helper is gone and this makes me sad. :(


  1. Great resolutions! I love yours about printing photos and putting into albums!! I need that one too!!

  2. Love your resolutions! I need to work on many of the printing my photos! Though I DID finish my pregnancy book...big accomplishment!!

  3. Try coconut oil (I get mine from Trader Joes) to remove your makeup. It removes every single bit and is super gentle and moisturizing at the same time.

  4. Awesome goals! That's about how my room looks during projects, too...haha. Don't dread photoshop-- it's so FUN! :)


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