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Monday, January 14, 2013

First of all I'm pretty pumped about sponsoring Michaela's blog this month. I love her design ideas and she's just so stinkin' cute and grounded. Go check her (and me!) out over at Michaela Noelle Designs. 

This weekend I shopped around with my Aunt and Mama on Saturday. Found some pretty killer deals and got a coffee table, lamp, and loveseat out of it! Trust me though when I say I had to work all angles to make this happen with the hubby. They were a great deal! (He hates it when I say that...) Thank you, Boo. :)

We also went bowling Saturday night on a triple date. It was so fun! But would have been better had I not lost my ID earlier in the week (ended up finding it Sunday of course). We also went out on a double date Friday night for some sushi. We have been quite the social butterflies!

finally got around to taking this! 
flashback! such a different baby!

Still staying healthy throughout the winter. I've noticed her swatting at her ears a little so I'm wondering if her teeth are finally making a move? Jury is still out and this nursing Mama doesn't care if those teeth stay put for a while.


This truly has been a glorious month for sleep. I don't know what we did to deserve the break from the 5:30 am wake up calls but I'm lovin' it! She goes down around 7 and rises around 7. Also she is really developing a strong morning nap (2 and 1/2 hours) around 9am. Is this what heaven is like? ;)


Not much new here. She's starting to get a bit more picky with what she eats. Meaning she wants some things mixed with oatmeal. But really she is an easy eater. I would like to be more persistent with giving her meat though. She's had chicken, fish, and beef but seems partial to fish! When can babies eat sushi? JK.

talking her through her photo shoot. ha.

B LOVED her music class last Monday! I am so looking forward to it today. :) I'll be sure to snap some pictures this time. We played with bubbles, maracas, guitars, scarves, puppets and more! She stretched, learned about high/low, loud/soft, go/stop etc. It really is so good for her growing brain.

She's still enjoying hanging out with the other babies at the nursery during church and Bible study. Except for the occasional melt down when parents start picking their kiddos up, she loves it.


I mentioned above she cried a bit at church. Mostly still crying when the diaper gets changed. (I will never understand this?! Does she like her dirty diaper?) Cries when tired and when Mama and Dada try to stage important photo shoots. ;)


Still perfecting her standing. She really loves it! Still. Not. Crawling. She is waving when she feels like it and "D" has been the sound of the week. She is obsessed with her "touch and feel" dog book and is very good at using her index finger to "pet the dogs." 

Also, she rocked her first pony...


bowling with friends

the sweetest gift from my friend Page

Just hanging out with friends and planning B's party. I'm SO glad my BFF's are coming and willing to help! I really couldn't do it without them! Also thanks so much for all the kind feedback on Friday about her party plans. It's a work in progress!


  1. Can't believe she's 10 months! She is such a her sweet smile! And can't believe she's standing!! She'll be walking before you know it!!

  2. Love Michaela! Your blog is so cute- I'm looking forward to following along!
    And your little girl is precious:)

  3. She is just too cute! Love the first pony tail!! and the pic with her tongue out, OMG-adorable! Maybe she's just going to skip crawling and go straight to walking??! Glad it's been an awesome sleeping month for ya too, fingers crossed 10 months brings great sleep to us too! ha


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