Motherhood Mondays

Monday, December 17, 2012

I have been all consumed with the news of Sandy Hook elementary school this weekend. Never before has something so traumatic affected me so deeply. Ive spent a lot of time on my knees praying for those families. It hits home for many reasons, one being that I used to teach first grade, and two being that now I have my own daughter and cannot fathom losing her.

I've had to really process what happened that day and remember that God is sovereign. I don't have any answers to as why it happened. I dont understand why. But I know that the world is filled with evil and that our only comfort and hope is Jesus Christ. He is our hope and what these families, who lost their babies, must cling to.

Because of this I have been thanking God for the time he has allowed me to have with Blair. It's a wake up call that I am not in control of her life.That I cannot protect her from everything. That as hard as it is I need to hold her loosely because in reality she could be taken up to heaven at any time for any reason. And that God forbid if I have to experience that while on this earth I can have faith that she is with her savior.

I don't know how you transition from that topic to the seemingly meaningless "motherhood Mondays" but I've decided it's better to focus on the blessings that are in front of me instead of the evil around us.


Oy. Not good. Little mama has been so so stuffy. It has severely affected her ability to nurse and makes her very mad when she can't get her milk. It breaks my heart to see her so frustrated. I've been sucking the snot out of her nose (literally) via the Nose Frieda. It makes Matt gag when I do it but what are my other options?! She seems to have realized that while she hates the nose Frieda it helps her nurse. She fights me a little less now...


Her naps were so lame earlier this week but have recovered lately. Today she took a couple two hour naps (heaven) yesterday and earlier over the weekend. However she has still been sleeping great at night (thank God!). We have been busy busy with plans almost every night so B has been going to bed at 8:45!!! Agh so late. However this causes her to sleep in till 6:45. Mama is lovin it...


The hulk is cleaning us out of fridge and pantry. Seriously I go to the store for fresh produce a few times a week to keep up with my hungry girl. She's a machine! This week she ate kiwi (not a huge fan) and mango among many other things.


We attempted to see Santa but he went home due to the rainy weather. Lame. Next Friday we try again. This week she played with her friend Ande and stayed out past her bed time several nights this week. Party animal!


Lots of crying when I use the nose Frieda. It's for her own good (ok and mine too. A mama needs relief!) and she's getting used to it. And still when it's time to change her diaper. I will never get why she hates this. Maybe because it's the same place where I harass her with the Frieda...


She has been on all fours a lot this week rocking back and forth. She also goes from sitting to her tummy (sometimes via face plant) often. She also has been standing while holding onto her music table. Still waiting for her to pull to a stand on her own. She was a crack up Sunday night at my parents house, sticking her tongue out, "dancing" and squeaking with joy.

Post partum.

Went shopping with my best, Rikki. We had a grand old time at the loft and baby gap. Good sales, big smiles, empty wallets. Jk.

Also had fun with my friend jenn decorating our Christmas tree.

Unfortunately today mama is going to the doctor to see if she has bronchitis. :( been coughing for three weeks now and I'm about done.

PS if you want to help out sandy hook elementary families go here:


  1. You said it so well...time with our loved ones--our babies is so fleeting. I snuggled E and held him a little closer this weekend as well. Just so tragic.

    And B is adorable, even with her cold. I'm sure you're ready for her to get better both for her sake and yours. Fingers crossed it's soon!


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