I'm Dreaming of a Christmas Nursery

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So I totally dropped the ball this year on decorating Blair's nursery for Christmas. I figured she had no idea and mixed with my failure to plan ahead she wound up with nada. However, next year I'm all over it! I'm eagerly anticipating the day after Christmas sales when things are dirt cheap. Here is what I'm thinking...

ok i could probably make these. but am i that motivated? at $24 maybe i should be...

so subtle and pretty

tree topper in light PINK
All above decor ideas via LAND OF NOD

I also want to incorporate some art in general into Blair's Room but haven't quite figured out how/where to put it. Here is what I'm working with (minus a few tweaks here and there)...

Also I don't want to break the news to M that the collage may have to be moved because that little project was no easy feat...

I found these printables on a blog (I linked to it in yesterday's post) and went and bought frames for them at Target. I was thinking they would be super cute in her nursery (in a white frame) but for now they are in my entry way. By the time I finished my project it was too dark to photograph where they ended up. But here's how they turned out...

The background looks like a chalkboard which I'm loving lately. In fact, I am 99% sure I will be stealing this idea from Schue Love.

And for those of you who read the blog just to see Blair... (I know that's like 99% of my readers...)

The amazing Carrie Johnson strikes again! There were a TON of cute pictures from our Christmas card shoot but I decided to spread out the love. So tune in tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. You get the idea. ;)

PS. M asked me to "go out" with him in 8th grade 15 years ago. Woah. Happy 19th, Boo!


  1. Love al the ideas! And just DYING over the cute photos you posted on FB! Seriously...you have the most photogenic family!

  2. Okay...officially stalking you now ;) I recognize you from Instagram now!! Blair is so precious! And her nursery is so sweet. Of course I love the chevron. Did you go to Cal Poly? I know Natasha went there too and I have a few friends there now! You're the cutest, Natalie! xoxo Michaela


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