Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've decided that my life is pretty mundane lately and I LOVE it! However, it doesn't make for good blogging. So since I'm not venturing out too much on the weekends I decided to show you what I'm wearing to work during the week. Which will probably get pretty interesting the bigger I get... I already blasted through all my pencil skirts the first month of work because I knew they wouldn't be fitting for long. As it is I am like a man at work with my buttons all undone on my pants. Good thing I have long shirts! Here is last weeks ensemble.

baby bump alert! it's hiding under that skirt!

top: ATL
skirt: ATL
shoes: ATL
necklace: Target


  1. so cute! What a great idea: work it wednesday. I love it, especially because I just wear scrubs to work.

  2. SUPER cute ensemble! I think the Work it Wednesday is a great idea...I need inspiration! :)

  3. Great outfit!!! Love Work it Wednesday already!!!


  4. You have to be the cutest first grade teacher i've ever seen.


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