This Never Happens to Me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ready for the coolest story ever? Ok, maybe not but I thought it was cool! Ok so ever since college I have become obsessed with Lucky magnetize. I really like it because it isn't like Cosmo other magazines that give the same ol' same ol' trashy sex advice and Glamour other super liberal magazines. It has lots of fashion and beauty product advice which I love! I also adore how they mix high and low end items for an overall fabulous look.

So get this...almost every time I get the magazine in the mail I enter their Lucky Breaks giveaways online. I have never won...until now! Holla! I won a cute pair of green cargo skinnies! I would not have purchased these on my own dollar but am so happy to have found a home for them in my closet. I can totally see wearing these just as much as my skinny jeans.

 please ignore the weirdness that are my toes. nail decals from Jamberry

nailpolish: a grape fit! by OPI

 new turquoise necklace from Forever 21

 love how the zipper adds some "toughness"

my friend rikki insisted that i get feathers and i'm glad i did! i can easily hide them or show them.

So what do you think? I'm smitten. I couldn't find them online or the magazine that featured them so I'm not sure how much they were (either 78 or 178). But either way it's a free pair of cute pants that I WON! Go here to enter today!

tank: Forever 21 (currently but i couldn't find it online)
pants: BLANKnyc 
shoes: Jessica Simpson
glasses: Kreed
earrings: a gift from my friend Kelly. 
crossbody: Junior Drake (nordstrom)


  1. OH I LOVE WINNING STUFF! Congrats. Love the outfit! So jealous you saw Britney spear btw! LOVE her!

  2. Those are super cute and flattering on you! Congrats on the win!!

  3. I never win stuff, so yeah for you! =) Those are really cute and look great on you!!

  4. i got feathers too!!! how that ended up as the new trend i dunno...


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