SLO delish

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So as you know last weekend Matt and I went to SLO. Usually somewhere on the way up we talk about what restaurants we are going to dominate while we are there (priorities). It takes some effort and hard work but we always manage to make it happen. Here is our line up (in no particular order). Drumroll please!

Yanagi's Sushi
 911 roll
 golden california

Yogurt Creations
rocky road yogurt, reeses, peanut butter sauce, and heath bar is what i got last time...yum!

Viena Vai

 these doors open so guests can enjoy fresh air while they dine

the furnace where your pizza gets baked before you! i had butternut squash and matt had a veggie alfredo pasta

Woodstock's Pizza

 pepperoni, pepperchini's, olives, onions, and sun dried tomatoes... delish

we have these pint glasses at home

Firestone Grill
 comfortable patio seating
 basket of fries

known for their tri tip sandwiches but honestly everything is good!

I should be a spokeswoman for SLO. :) If you have ever been there or are planning on going there in the future which restaurant is your fave? I can't pick one (obviously) because they are all so tasty!


  1. Your making me hungry! I love sushi beer pizza and more! Great post! Yummo

  2. We are going to SLO in 3 weeks. My only must is gum alley, the kids are going to flip out when they see it! I think we may check out the Firestone Grill, looks delish!

  3. Vieni Vai was our TOTAL date spot in college...I will always have a soft spot for that place! And of course, love Firestone...the french fries are to.die.for! Such a fun post...I am DYING to get back to slo!!! :)


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