Have some heart

Thursday, April 21, 2011

 It is no secret that I am a girly-girl. There is something so feminine and sweet about heart-shaped jewelry. It brings me back to my childhood when my mom would buy me colorful stick-on earrings in the shape of hearts that I would so proudly wear on special occasions like going to the grocery store or playing dress up with our family dog. I’ve decided that I’m never too old to enjoy sugar and spice and everything nice. Tell me, do you wear jewelry with hearts? Or is it too sweet for you?

                                                Tress Heart Ring from Gorjana

                                           Necklace from a boutique in San Luis Obispo

earrings: vintage Forever 21 :)


  1. I love heart jewelry too, I am drawn to it!

  2. I wore that heart necklace at your bachelorette party! ;) I love heart jewerly, I got a cute brighton heart for Christmas, which I love. Jordan however says it looks old lady-ish. Whatever. ;)

  3. Carrie- i have learned to (almost) never trust Matt when it comes to fashion. :)

  4. I agree with your idea of heart jewelry! I love it too! There is a song that says, "With a heart shaped ring wrapped around your finger. . ." I secretly hope one day Bobby surprises me with a heart shaped ring! I love the one Tiffany's makes. The ink to the Gorjana no longer works! Bummer!!


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