birthday bliss

Saturday, April 30, 2011

So, today is my birthday...27! Which is almost 30...which is scary! Matt went on his annual ice fishing trip which usually I would pout about but it was a great excuse for him to put me on a plane to San Jose to visit my BEST friends and roommates from college. Last night they took me to see Kenny Chesney which was amazing! I even got carded (even more amazing!) We had a great time in our boots snuggling in blankets on the grass. You will have to wait to Monday to see what we were up to today on my real birthday. :) Here's to wishing that this year is full of health, job security, friends, family, good clothes, and lots of blog followers. ;)

 kelly, diana, and me

 loves of my life!

 laura, what would i have done with out those reindeer socks? Or piggy back ride?

 snuggle bunnies

 blondes really do have more fun :)

cowgirls rock!

jean shorts: j crew
blouse: anthropologie
sweater: nordstrom
boots: steve madden
crossbody: nordstrom

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  1. Hope you had a GREAT birthday! Looks like you girls had fun! :)


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