Gabriela Rosa's Fertility Challenge

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

There's no question that while going through infertility it helps to have support. There are a million reasons to as why you could be infertile, and for me we never figured out why we struggled. Gabriela Rosa's Fertility Challenge is a FREE online event that teaches struggling couples why and how to make changes that can transform their fertility results. I would have loved this kind of information when Matt and I were in the trenches of negative pregnancy tests.

egg retrieval
After exploring Gabriela Rosa's website one thing that I loved was the different ways she approaches "fixing" couples' infertility. She meets the needs of couples who are trying to conceive naturally as well as helping couples who are preparing for IVF. Either way she teaches you how to prepare your body to be in optimal fertility health. 

shots to prepare me for IVF

our only two embryos... Hi Cal and Everly!

Gabriela Rosa bases her program off of 11 pillars of fertility:

1. diet and fluid balance
2. exercise
3. sleep
4. stress
5. nutritional supplementation
6. environmental challenges
7.whole body alignment
8. male reproductive health
9.female reproductive health
10. mind over matter
11. family foundations

When I was struggling to get pregnant it was important to me to talk to people who had actually suffered from infertility... not just doctors who thought they knew how to fix it. Gabriela Rosa knows firsthand about infertility and was able to overcome it by applying her own methodology.

Her fertility challenge starts on July 4th and takes place over 12 days. Best of all it's FREE so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There might be a piece to the puzzle that you're missing and could figure out with her help! Head over HERE to sign up now!

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