Our Christmas Card 2017 by Minted

Sunday, November 26, 2017

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Our Christmas card photos were *almost* an EPIC FAIL this year. I had this grand idea of an uber beautiful and dreamy bohemian look complete with yucca trees and hazy sun filtering through our hair. As soon as we rounded the bend in the road I panicked...our location was freaking TORCHED from a previous fire...that happened TWO years ago! My photographer, and best friend, was like, "Ummmmm?"

We continued to drive and things weren't getting any greener. Matt suggested turning off the main highway and once we did that things started looking less singed. Phew! Crises #1 averted. Because let's be real... there was no way I was getting all five of us ready again and making the hour long drive out to Victorville. As fun as car rides can be with two babies and a five year old I wasn't looking forward to doing round two.

We pulled off on the side of a deserted road and then had the pleasure of realizing the sun was going to set in about five minutes behind the tall mountains. My dreamy photo was slipping away! We were in an absolute stage 5 panic as we threw shoes on babies, hair sprayed cowlicks, and slapped headbands on. We trampled through some brush, smiled for about 2.5 minutes and this is what we got...

PERFECTION! That's a Christmas miracle right there, folks! ;) So... now you know the story behind the magic. There is beauty in the chaos! And doesn't it make you appreciate the photo more?!

One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is Christmas cards! I just love seeing my mailbox stacked high with festive envelopes and then opening the cards and seeing my friends' smiling faces. I tape mine up on our wall with some plaid washi tape and everyone enjoys looking at them when they come over.
behind the scenes ;)
This year I partnered with Minted to create the most beautiful Christmas cards. I'm absolutely in love with the cards and how they accentuate the photo we used. We went with a "boho" themed photo (yucca trees and all!) and I wanted to keep the card very simple so the picture could really shine.

I like how Minted gives you the option to personalize everything down to matching stamps! I chose to personalize the back of our card with a picture of the kiddos along with a verse that I've had up all year in our home, Psalm 126:3 "The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY." I also added our return address (in the font and color of my choice) to the back of our envelope...less writing for me!

The quality of the printing at Minted is what really impressed me. When I opened the box I immediately noticed the thick paper and how clear our photo looked. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing your photo is high quality and having it come back fuzzy.

If you guys haven't ordered your holiday cards yet now is the time! Minted's Black Friday deal ends TODAY so hurry over there! Use code BF2017 for up to 20% off your order.

When Christmas is over I hole punch them and tie a ribbon around them and keep them under the coffee table. People flip through them throughout the year which is fun. I used to cut them down and tape each photo to the side of our fridge which is always a nice way to see our friends' faces throughout the year. What do you guys do with your Christmas cards?

all family photos by Carrie Johnson Photography

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