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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The twins are at such a fun age and I have been loving my time with them lately. And while I'm looking forward to watching them grow and learn new things I know I'm going to miss this stage (who am I?!). I was always rushing to get to the next stage with Blair but knowing these are my last babies has me feeling all the feels!

I was excited when the Baby Poster Store sent me life size versions of Cal and Everly's exact size at birth. They are such fun and unique ways to remember how tiny they were! Plus they look super cute hanging in their rooms. :) 

In the corner of each poster I printed their life verses. Romans 12:12 for her and Hebrews 11:1 for him. At the bottom of each poster their names are printed along with their weight, height, and time of birth. The place of birth is also listed. 

Baby Poster Store is offering a 15% off discount code to you when used by the end of October. Use code "NATYOURS" to snag your own poster and remember your tiny babes forever! 

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