Evie and Cal: 8 Months

Monday, April 24, 2017

A little late on the twins 8 month update but better late than never!

Matt and I are seriously so smitten with these babies it's ridiculous. We ooooh and ahhhh over every little thing they do. "Do you see her?! She's sitting up. Oh my goodness she's so cute when she sits up." "Look at him. He's so cute when he's in his jumper. He's like jumping and stuff." It's like we are first time parents all over again! We are just cherishing every little thing since we plan on these babies being our last. We're excited to move out of the baby phase but we aren't trying to rush it like we did with Blair. I never want to forget this!

Here's what Evie and Cal are up to this month...

Evie has decided to eat solids now and prefers carbs and fruit. Clearly she takes after her mama. She likes to suck her thumb, jump in her jumper, smile, and watch Blair. She can sit up now and has started crawling. She's not on a mission to get where she's going but I'm sure that's coming. She doesn't like it when strangers get in her face especially when she is strapped in her car seat or stroller. She gets on all fours and peeks out over her crib when you lay her down to sleep. Then she watches you as you leave and smiles and coos. Heart melted.

Cal still loves to eat and will pretty much eat anything. He sucks his middle and ring fingers at the same time, loves his jumper, and getting kisses on his tummy. He gives the best open mouth kisses without prompting and has the cutest bashful grin. He gets crazy kicking legs whenever I change his diaper and also peeks over his crib to watch me leave at nap time. He can sit up but is not crawling yet. He likes drinking water from a straw but does not like it when strangers saw hi to him when he's in his stroller or car seat.

Both babies have been going to the nursery at church on Sunday nights. They seem to do pretty well but usually cry at drop off. We've got a great routine going on with two naps a day (9:15-11 and 1:30-3) and bedtime at 6:30. They wake up around 7 and we can't complain about that! They are generally happy but still needy from about 5-6:30 pm. They love going out and about and checking out new surroundings. People stop us all. the. time. I only mind when one of them is crying and it's cleat that I've got to go. ;)

We're doing it! But not without the help of many people. I've never been so grateful to have Matt working from home and family who live in town. Little breaks make all the difference in the world.

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