Cal and Evie: 4 Months

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Exactly one year ago today Evie and Cal were implanted inside of me. December 15th. I will never forget that day. The long wait in the doctor's office. Not knowing if two, one, or none of our babies had continued growing.  Hearing the good news that we still had two embryos and then learning the odds of them making it (since we chose not to do genetic testing) weren't great. Watching them be implanted inside of me on a little black and white tv and then praying with every ounce of hope inside of me that they would hang in there.

And they did.

By the grace of God they did. And they're here now! They are everything I had prayed for and more.

Last night as Matt was making dinner (I know, I'm spoiled) and I was holding Evie I said, "Having twins is hard. Like really hard. But my heart is also overflowing with love for them. I'm the happiest I've ever been. Exhausted and happy."

They had their 4 month check up yesterday and even though they are small (both only in the 1 percentile for weight), they are mighty! The doctor said they are doing great and I'm doing a wonderful job (yay!) but she does want to see them back on their growth curve. For now that means supplementing them with extra breast milk from my best friend at every feeding (thanks Brooke!) until they catch back up.

Here are their stats:

weight 10 pounds 10 ounces (1%)
length 22 inches (1%)
head circumference 41 cm (64%)

Evie loves baths, the stroller, and doesn't mind her car seat. She likes to swing, kick at the toys on her play mat, read books, and most of all watch her big sister. She can roll from her tummy to back and often does so in her crib. Then she is like a turtle on her back and never happy about it. She naps for about 50 minutes and then rolls to her back and plays or cries until it's time to eat. She is learning to sleep on her back when she does that...

weight 11 pounds 2 ounces (1%)
length 23.5 inches (2%)
head circumference 42 & 1/4 cm (71%)

Cal dislikes the bath, stroller, and car seat. He loves to swing, grab at toys on his play mat, read books, and watch his big sister. He is a cuddler and nothing makes him happier than snuggling with someone. He can roll from his tummy to his back and vice versa. He is an amazing sleeper and will nap 1.5 to 2 hours. He loves sucking his fingers and sleeping on his side. He is incredibly sensitive and always cries when he hears Evie crying.

You guys couldn't be more different and we love you SO much! Happy 4 months!


  1. They are so darling and such little great blessings :) Chelsea @

  2. They are so perfect! Two Christmas blessings for sure :)

  3. They are so precious! I read this beautiful blog post today and it made me think of you and your journey to conceive. Thought you would enjoy :)


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