Best Toy Round Up for Babies

Friday, November 25, 2016

Did any of you hit up any stores for Black Friday?! I'm a total sucker for a good deal but I usually do all my Black Friday shopping online. This year I took full advantage of Gap's 50% off sale (nothing excluded!), Carter's $8 fleece jammies found their way into my cart, and I also found some great clothes for Matt at Nordstrom's 40% off fall sale. Needless to say I'm just about done shopping. I also hit up Target and Amazon for great toy deals for B. The twins really don't need any toys because
a. they are too little and
b. they will eventually enjoy Blair's hand-me-downs.

This year I'm going to round up all the best toys/gift ideas for kids ages 0-5. I'll be featuring a different age group every day so stay tuned in!

Musical Radio a great small toy for the diaper bag
Musical Book lights up and sings rhyming songs
Car Keys this was a favorite for B. The keys are made out of metal which she loved chewing on
Fruit Teether it vibrates! perfect for teething babes.
Sophie the Girraffe a classic squeeky teether for chic mamas.
Rain Stick we don't own this yet but my friend has one and the babies LOVE it!
Dinosaur Popper a cheaper version of the elefun popper. 
O Ball the perfect toy for babies to hold onto. they have lots of versions like cars and rattles.
Elefun Popper seriously one of Blair's favorites. 
Activity Table this is perfect for sitters or standers. it grows with your babe!
Activity Cube Blair STILL plays with this!
Walker for sitters or walkers!
Swing self explanatory...all kids love swinging. 

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