Just Born Sparkle Collection

Friday, September 23, 2016

I am a complete sucker for coordinating outfits and now that I have twins I'm always thinking of ways that they can match. When Just Born sent them matching pajamas from their new Sparkle Collection I was thrilled! Now the twins can even match in their sleep!

Just Born is there for all of baby’s “firsts” and the special moments in between. The Sparkle Collection offers a variety of fashion-forward items with a touch of sparkle for new moms and moms-to-be, perfect for baby showers, gift registry sign-ups and a nursery refresh that make everyday moments and milestones sparkle even brighter with baby.

The new collection will be available at Buy Buy Baby stores and online. 

Having cozy jammies helps the twins sleep better at night...and paired with a good bedtime routine of a bath, book, essential oils (cedarwood and lavender in the diffuser) and boobs makes them pretty happy. ;) You can read more about our sleep training method a few posts back. After this week is done I'll be writing a grand finale post about our BabyWise experience with twins. 

Thank you to Just Born for sending us these jammies! I'm sure the twins will sleep through the night now. ;) 

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