Lumberjack Baby Shower

Monday, February 29, 2016

Over the weekend I had the joy of helping my Mom host a shower for my sister-in-law. My brother's girlfriend helped us too and it went really smoothly! My Mom decided on a lumberjack theme since that's what the nursery design is based on. Luckily I already had a lot of rustic decor and my Mom snagged a table cloth along with a cute banner.

The Mama to be!
It was definitely fun seeing all the gifts that my sis-in-law got since she is having twins too! I can't wait to borrow all her stuff. ;) Happy Monday!


  1. Everything was adorable! I need the pasta salad recie, I wanted to lick my plate. Lol

  2. Twins too! wow. It must be in the water. What a wonderful shower. I looove the theme.


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