Baking for Baby

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm a huge fan of snap chat (I even got my Mom on it!) and while I was "snapping" B and M making muffins last weekend I decided I needed to actually document stuff like this. So I took a short video on my phone and snapped a couple photos. It's moments like this when B declares, "It's Baby's birthday today! Let's make her a cake!" that I want to remember forever. And we did just that. Kind of. I talked B into making banana muffins (part of her breakfast for preschool mornings) with rainbow sprinkles. She insisted on candles too and wanted to light all of them but I told her one was enough.

What? You don't wear boots with the fur when it's 90 out? She literally woke up like this.

About half way through she busted out her chef hat and apron. Don't worry, Dirty Baby has an apron too.

Rainbow sprinkles just for Baby.
"Baby is two today, Mom."
When I picked B up from preschool on Friday her teachers told me she was cracking them up. Apparently they were drawing pictures of their family and when they asked B who was in her family she replied, "Mommy, Daddy, and Baby." They asked what the baby's name was and she matter of factly replied, "Baby. (duh)" I guess they eventually figured out that Baby wasn't real. The funny thing is that on Friday we are supposed to bring a family photo and of course who made the cut? Baby. Here's the photo we plan on bringing...

Baby is real. And don't you tell her otherwise! ;)


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