Blair's First Day of Preschool

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today is the big day! Blair is officially a pre-schooler. And while I'm not crying while writing this post I am sure the tears will come when I drop her off. I plan on using my free time today to go to the gym and return a couple things at Michaels. I'm going to miss my kisses after each sit up though. And all of the "she's darling" comments from strangers while at Michaels. *sniff sniff

With that being said I had to document her first day. Since I know how much Blair loves taking pictures (insert sarcasm here) I decided to take her "first day of school" pictures one day early. ;) I dressed her in the outfit and shoes I had all picked out for today. No need in making our morning any more stressful on her big day.

dress: gap, shoes:old navy, backpack: pottery barn kids

So the above photo certainly needs some explaining. I've been asking Blair for a while now what she wants to be when she grows up. She wasn't understanding that so I asked her what she wanted to do for work so she could have money. She quickly responded, "Girls don't work, Mommy!" Um, what? Apparently Blair thinks girls don't work because I stay at home with her. I tried explaining to her that I used to be a teacher before she was born but she wasn't buying it. She now tells me that girls still don't work and that she is going to live with me forever and we are going to get married. She has quite a bit to learn... and I'm sure the feminists are real proud right now. So, finally after my suggestions of being a ballerina, teacher, artist, doctor etc. she said, "Mom I don't want to be anything. I just want to be Blair." Blair it is.

We met her teachers on Monday and they kindly said that Blankie and Baby need to stay at home. Hold up. What? You can imagine the pit in my stomach when she said that but I had a feeling it was coming. We have been practicing leaving Blankie in my purse or in the car so that helps. I'm hoping she will be so busy that it won't be a problem. Plus Baby seems to be spending more and more time at her friend's house, or on vacation, or at Disneyland (according to Blair) when we are out and about so maybe she already has plans today? Blair has been telling me, "Mom when I am at school you will not miss me because you will be taking care of Baby! You can sit with her on the couch and watch a movie." Ha ha ha. Yes, Blair, I will surely be spending my time away from you watching movies on the couch... ;)

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  1. Is she really in pre-k?? A won't be in pre-k for another year, since she won't go to Kindergarten until she is already 5. Blair looks so cute in her back to school outfit and you'll do fine! How many hours/days does she go? A is gone for 4 hours which compared to some of my friends who have kids in nursery school (which is only 2hrs), I swear the time flies by and I actually enjoy having the bit of freedom.

    1. This is year one of pre-K for Blair. They kind of call it the same thing here except they just have two years of it. I guess next year will actually be her official pre-K year. She also will not go to kindergarten until she is five. Since her birthday is in March she will be 5 1/2 when she attends kindergarten. She goes to school MWF 9-12. I guess what she is in now is good old-fashioned preschool? ha ha I don't even know what to call it!

  2. She is just too cute and I love that she wants to be Blair!! that is the best and her hair is getting so long I love it!

  3. Earlier this week lex told me the same thing! "Girls don't work". But when you ask her what my job is she says "to take care of me". So I'm glad someone else's child thinks girls don't work either! But really-'I stay at home, and all the friends we hang with during the day stay at home.


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