Toddler Felt Christmas Tree DIY

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I finally got around to making one of the things I "pinned" on my Christmas board for Blair...a felt tree! A friend and I dragged our toddlers over to JoAnn and purchased an obscene amount of felt. I over bought and the project that should have cost me less than $20 ended up being more like $40 (including the $10 felt scissors). Oops.

There's truly no rhyme or reason to the felt tree. Just buy 1 yard of green felt for your tree and have your husband cut it out. ;) Then buy about 8 different colors of 8.5x11 felt pages and cut out your ornaments. I used a template that was pretty crappy but I cleaned it up a bit and posted it below so you can save it to your computer and print it out.

I actually still need to add one more circular piece of felt to the center of the bows. I used glue dots to adhere the triangles on  the bows but I used hot glue to adhere the rick rack ribbon and felt stripes on the round ornaments. I also used hot glue to attach the pom pom garland across the tree. I tried many ways to adhere the tree to the wall and ended up using glue dots. They've never harmed the paint in the past. Oh, and fabric scissors will be your best bet to cut the felt.

Playing before the finished product

And then of course she found my old breast pump tubing and that was way more fun to play with. Sigh.
If I'm being honest she played with it a lot in the beginning and not so much now. :( I'm hoping in years to come she will enjoy decorating it in a hundred different ways and patterns. Like any other toy in our house she loves it when I sit down and play with her (not what my intention was!). 

I have to give a big thank you out to M who cut the tree and star out in his meticulous engineering fashion. 

Have you made any felt trees, snowmans, or nativities this seasons? How did they turn out? Any tips?
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  1. Saw this on your instagram and think it is such a cute idea! Battery powered lights would be a fun addition! They have some fun colors at Target right now!

  2. I did a felt snowman last year and my son played with it for about a day, LOL. But I had trouble getting it to stay stuck to the wall, how did you adhere yours?

  3. I'm cracking up at he breast pump tubing, my girl is so much like yours! :)

  4. This is so cute!! I bought some felt last week to attach to the closet doors in our playroom for Ellie. Hoping to be able to have a tree, or nativity, or other shapes for other seasons for her and friends to play with! Glue dots-I'll have to check those out because I've been wracking my brain for how to attach without damaging the doors! So cute!!

  5. this is so good!! My friend started making one, but only got as far as the tree. I saw a $10 one at Target and sent her a pic, she was like "I spent at least that much on the felt" and said she might buy it anyway just for the ornaments. I'll have to send her your template, they really look awesome! Oh and I love how Matt cut the tree, it's like the perfect shape!

  6. I'm a preschool teacher and we made a felt snowman last year. The kids absolutely loved putting the pieces together. The Christmas tree is a cute idea too!

  7. I bought all the items, but haven't cut anything out yet. And now I'm feeling less motivated as I'm reading that kids don't seem to entertained by it haha. Yours looks great though, you did an week e job!


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