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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Six Must Haves

This is a post inspired by Man Crates

Recently Man Crates asked me to come up with a list of my daily essentials. The above items came to mind quickly and if you spend any amount of time with me you know I'm obsessed with all these products.

1. Baby Lips chapstick: the perfect amount of color for my lips without looking overdone
2. Rainbows high arch support flip flops: i have high arches and these always feel amazing
3. Nalgene water bottle: i'm always toting around my water especially since i gave up soda this year
4. Sunglasses: especially awesome for those less than beautiful days. instant polish.
5. Nail polish: i have a strong love for nail polish and LOVE doing my own nails
6. Calendars: if i don't write it down i won't remember it. and for some reason i don't love my iphone calendar so write it down i must!

So what is your must have list? Any items that we share? 
By the way, you need to check out Man Crates. They are a new company 
that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates! They help eliminate the hassle of buying gifts for that guy in your life! Currently they have an NFL crate that I'm pretty sure my fantasy football lovin' husband would adore.

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