Our Weekend

Monday, March 24, 2014

This weekend has been a complete whirlwind of activity. I hosted a CAbi clothing party for my Aunt and we also had 2 Japanese students arrive Friday night (they are here 10 days). Yesterday we took them to Newport Beach and had a great time! They are super sweet and love taking pictures of EVERYTHING. They even took video of our worship team during church which cracked me up. :) They love Blair and have been very appreciative of us.

real life: hubby naps while I entertain B (jk M)

baby photo bomb

the sweetest chubbiest toes

still working on her selfie skills...and yes our jackets are matching ;)
and for fun, one of my favorite CAbi looks! their clothes are so comfy and well made!


  1. I just saw someone else post about Cabi...I have to check it out! I LOVE Blair's headband...too cute!

  2. Look at Blair's hair!! Love her entire outfit!!

  3. Love the picture of Blair's toes in the sand! :)

  4. So cute!! We get a bunch of international students at my school and I have always felt that the Japanese girls are so respectful I love them!!! Cute blazer from CABi!!

    I am hosting a recipe linkup on Monday's I hope you join and link up!!


  5. Where are your matching coats from?! Love them

  6. Ummm…. how much do I LOVE your matching jackets and B's adorable up'do!!! Actually her whole look head-to-toe love love love. And that baby photobomb. Cracking up legit over here!

    xx Viv @ joiedeviv.blogspot.com


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