Backpacks for Baby

Monday, August 5, 2013

After reading one of my favorite blogs ever, Little Baby Garvin, the other day I decided maybe B should have her own little backpack?! With the school year quickly approaching now seems as good as time as any to buy her a mini "pack-pack." I can just imagine her little self walking around hauling all her food pieces, bouncy balls, spoons/ name it! But logistically I think it would be great for her to bring to Bible study every Tuesday (Gasp! If she carried a little Bible in there how CUTE would that be?!) or the nursery on Sundays. Time for little girl to start carrying her weight around here! ;)

{one} {two} {three} {four} {five} {six} {seven} {eight} {nine}

I'm having a REALLY hard time deciding which backpack (first world problems). Which one would you choose? I like that number five matches her luggage but I can't get over the cuteness of some of the other!

I actually loved a lot of the boy backpacks more than the girl ones. Maybe I'll have to update this later for little dudes! **disclaimer...that likely won't happen. just go to the same sites I link to above and scope out the boy cute!


  1. Ugh just deleted my comment!

    I have a friend who works at pb on the side and a lot of our friend now have the pbk back packs (her Gi to toddler gift) but they are big, not full sized bit big for a toddler. Usually mom or dad carries it instead of a diaper bag (snacks, toys, diapers, etc)

    Cute picks, can't believe A will need one next spring!

  2. That ruffle backback is SO darn cute! How do you handle all of it?!

  3. Little girl things are just too cute! I love the ruffles one. It's adorable.


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