Extra Baggage

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last week while browsing the internet I stumbled across Porttery Barn's website and found their kid's luggage on sale! It was meant to be! Actually I have been on the prowl for some luggage for B since she has SO much crap gear and anytime we go somewhere I'm scrounging for bags to pack it all in. It was on sale AND I had a $50 gift card so I went for it. Turns out it's super cute and I think that she will use it for a long, long time. (She better anyway).

toiletry bag

checkin out her goods


smiling at the neighbors :)

confused to as why she is sitting in a suitcase...

ready to escape
Today we are dying painting Easter eggs. And by "we" I most likely mean "me" during nap time. Sigh. She's still just not quite old enough. Next year! Pinterest has some adorable ideas (as usual) that I plan on copying. I also found some cute ideas at Grey Likes Baby. My favorite are the painted ones.


  1. Hysterical, my mom almost bought us the same set for A's bday, but we figured we have 2 full sets of luggage between us and so many duffles/totes that we really didn't 'need' it, and we'd rather have something A could enjoy now.

    They really would have been twins!

  2. Blair, stop it! You look way too big all of a sudden! Stay little forever! You ARE getting cuter every day, but you should still stop growing up! Love, Auntie

  3. Oh my goodness!! So freaking cute!! Love!

    1. PS all my vegas outfits were "old" as in bought ages ago... it's just not every day I get to wear my sequin skirt!

  4. She has the prettiest blue eyes. They match her luggage! I really think she will use it for a long time. Maybe until she's in junir high?

  5. Love the luggage and love her!!!! She is a doll!!!! New follower!


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