Pull up a chair

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When I go to other people's blogs I love looking at their DIY posts. Mostly I love the ones with before and after photos. It's so fun to see how much something can change with a little TLC. So here is my latest DIY...

I bought the chair at a thrift store for $15 then spray painted it black and reupholstered it with a indoor/outdoor fabric for easy cleaning. The chair is super sturdy and comfortable. It sits in a corner in our kitchen and we drag it over to the table if we need an extra seat. Lately we have been using it as an extra seat during our Bible study which has been great!


  1. These chairs look great!! The black really makes a difference! Awesome job N!

  2. The pull up chair shown here is great,. Have a look a t it


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