First Food

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As promised, B had her first round of (almost) real people food! She enjoyed herself very much and was leaning into each bite. She thought blowing bubbles into her cereal was fun and was quite a mess by the end. Plus, Mama wasn't so good with her aim.

I went with rice cereal mixed with breast milk for her first food. B likes it not too runny, not too firm, but juuuuuust right. I mentioned that I wanted to do avocado but the doctor didn't advise it and I'm pretty chicken when it comes to ignoring advice from her doctor. I'm sure this will change once I have my second child...

M did take a video but hasn't been able to edit it yet so that will make an appearance later.

Last, no one has forgotten what happened this day 11 years ago. I would like to thank our troops for fighting for and protecting our country. America is the land of the free because of you. I pray that God blesses those who are serving our country and keeps them safe. God bless the USA!


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