Beach Babies

Friday, August 24, 2012

This week B and I have been quite the beach bunnies! We went to Newport Beach this week twice with one of my best friends, Rikki. The weather was amazing and B slept for an hour and a half one day! I was in heaven while B slept because I was able to look at the latest issue of Lucky magazine with my BFF. I felt like I was in college again with no minimal responsibilities. We cooed over the fall fashions and I ate my lunch without bouncing a baby on my lap. Heaven!

Beach day with the best!
Cupcakes on the beach! Mine was better. :) banana chocolate chip!


Don't let this smirk fool you. Baby girl is teething and is not so fun to be around lately. More on this Monday. Have a good weekend!


  1. You are looking gooood!!! And your munchkin is too cute!

    Ps girlfriend you gotta take down the word verification thing--just a tip. I would leave so many more comments if so ;)

    1. Ugh I didn't realize I had word verification set up! I hate that thing on other peopls blogs! I'll have to figure out how to delete that pronto. Thanks for lookin out. :)

  2. You are one hot mama!! And B is super cute {even if she is being a pain the rear!}. ;)

  3. New follower here, your daughter is so adorable! Congrats! Expecting my little girl in October. Those cupcakes plus the beach sound heavenly.


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