Tasty Tuesday: Peanut Butter Balls

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

 Last weekend my mom, best friend, and I made chocolate covered peanut butter balls. It is a tradition in our family and everyone looks forward to them. The tricky part is making sure that they last long enough to pass out as presents! 

What you will need...
4 cups of peanut butter
3 lb powdered sugar
1 lb butter
2.5 lbs chocolate bars
1 bar Paraffin baking wax

 combine peanut butter, and butter in bowl. slowly add powdered sugar until consistency isn't too sticky and can be easily rolled into balls. 
combine chocolate and wax in pot on stove. turn on heat till it's melting but not burning. use toothpick to dip balls. let cool and store in a cool dry place.

These peanut butter balls would have made great gifts this year if Bella hadn't already eaten them all. No joke. I thought M put up the dog gate last night before we left for the evening and turns out he didn't. I left them on the counter where she could reach and she ate the WHOLE tub. Which was about 40 or 50 balls. Needless to say I was LIVID. I actually cried a little (pregnancy hormones?). And she puked/pooped all night. So, sorry to all my friends and family that get these every year. The Grinch (Bella) stole Christmas. And I am way too lazy to spend another Saturday baking for hours. :(


  1. Oh NO!!! I cannot Bella ate them ALLLLLL! That is crazy!! Well I still think they look great! You should link them up today! ;)


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