Maternity Mondays: Week 20

Monday, November 21, 2011

Drum roll please! I'm officially half way to the finish line! Yesterday I had another sonogram in which they measured all of Blair's body parts. The technician said "From what I can tell, it looks like a girl to me." Which I guess in the medical world is as good as it gets because nothing can be 100%. Sigh. However, later in the sonogram she said she was measuring her cervix so you be the judge!

Blair is the length of a banana this week, 10.5 inches, from head to toe. The technician gave us a lot of pictures but to be honest her face looks too alien-like for me to post all the pictures. Her eyes are gigantic! We don't find out if she passed all of her "tests" until December 21st. I've decided pregnancy is just one big waiting game.

check out that spine!
Blair is head down, bum up again. Her heart rate was 142. She is facing my back which really means that picture above should be rotated to the right. I just learned that the top of the picture is the top of my stomach. I was all backwards. :)

According to my scale at home I've gained about 7 pounds. And here is the belly to prove it!

Woah mama! Every week I am amazed by my largeness. It's funny though because I used to really be able to pack away the food before I was prego and now I can't eat as much as I used to. I guess Blair is taking up all the room in there. :)

I am still in a happy mood but I find myself crying at the silliest things. I used to be a stone cold fox when it came to sappy movies but now I cry at the drop of a hat!

As far as baby gear goes this week I got a nice baby gate in the mail along with a onesie that says, "Step Aside, Barbie." I'll admit I'm not usually into that type of thing ("my mom is hotter than your mom" NO) but I couldn't resist. Blair needs one sassy outfit, right? Clothes are still trickling in from previous shopping sprees at Zulily (OMG totally obsessed with that website) but I have stopped purchasing for the most part. Matt's Aunt had a friend who gave us 4 HUGE boxes of little girl clothes that we can't possibly use all of so I'm waiting to see which one of my prego friends is also having a girl and am going to share the love. :)

Anyway, I'm off of work this whole week (although I saw 2 students last night at the movies) and I plan on loving every minute of it! Happy maternity Monday and I will see you tomorrow!

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  1. You're looking great Natalie! Can't believe you're already at the halfway seems like just yesterday that you announced you were pregnant!!


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